I'm now on twitch!

When I'm working on a project or reading a book, it's nice to have some background stimulus on. Sometimes I'll have the tv on but it gets boring after while, and I need a change of pace. So I'll flip on twitch and watch people play dota. I thought "you know I could do that!" So I did some research, set up Open Broadcaster Software, and started streaming! You can watch me play Dota at

My gaming habits

I likes games. More so I like hacking games, and finding out how and why they work. My whole computer obsession got started playing Empire Earth with my friends. There were 7 of us that would meet at one friends house, and it was my responsibilty to set up the computers and LAN networks. Back then XP was the major operating system, and configuring the settings for gaming on a local network with no internet took a lot of work. I had no previous experience, and knew nothing about computers. Through a lot of trial and error I slowly learned and got better. We had a running joke that if the LAN party started at 6, it'd be 7 by the time we actually got playing. When we went to college we still kept the tradition, except using hamachi (now operated by LogMeIn). Now with applications like Steam, we can play games with eachother whenever we want.

The game I currently play is Dota2, and I'll be competing in a tournament this November. I'm certainly not a pro, but I would say I'm above average. I also play Flight Simulator X once in while, but I find it to be quite buggy. It's also unsupported now (not like it ever was) so I don't see it getting any better. I used to play tons of Left 4 Dead 2, and actually hosted a server for a while, but not as many people play it now and the ones that do are either crazy good are crazy bad.

I also host a minecraft server for myself and a few friends. It's mainly a creative system, but I can set it up for all modes. I love building micro computers out of redstone!