I've been working on a logging and telemetry system for my rockets. I call it RocketTele. I know, the name sucks. But the code is awesome. It's on github.

WordPress Plugins

If you head over to the RV build log, check out the purchases I've made. One plugin logs the orders and items, and the other the time. I'm pretty proud of them. I can now dynamically display time on certain parts or sections, cost spent on various items. I could even display all the money spent only on tax! Or maybe hour many rivets I've drilled out?!


I'm working on a database to managae my library. I looked at a few, and most seem specifically for large libraries, nothing personal. They have some nice features, but I have to put all the information in... No thanks. I just a library so I can know what books I want to buy!

You can find my code at my GitHub account